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Cardio Series.

  • Cardio series:     Our branded Cardio series has been formulated specifically to be performed online, with easy to follow moves and exercises.

             Cardio is a necessary part of a well-rounded workout programme. Our cardio series of 

workouts are both challenging and fun.

  • Cardio X:    A 30min high intensity cardio blast. 

  • The Original:      Is the first ever cardio workout I ever consistently did. It has everything you would want in a cardio format. That’s why we only bring it out every so often. “This one has some weight with it”

  • Intervals:        Are the most effective calorie burner and heart and lung conditioning format + Plyometrics (Jump training) to help boost your strength and overall cardiovascular stamina.

  • Retro P.E:       This is a twist on the old style ‘Aerobics’ class. Absolutely no dance moves, it has 3 separate sections, Cardio, Resistance with weights, and Ab’s/Core with a little stretch at the end. (Old School)

Strength training:


                            This is a weighted workout using hand weights. Both upper and lower body are targeted. Resistance training to challenge and strengthen your entire body. 

 NOTE: please ensure you have the correct weights to enable you a safe and effective workout. 


Branded Pilates and Core strength:

  • PILATES Series P.3           Pilates Conditioning, excellent for upper body and lower body core conditioning and balance. 

P3. Is a continuation of our Pilates series. With even more stimulating exercises to challenge and develop your core strength.

CORE & MORE:     Core strength conditioning, with a twist of cardio. Ideal for muscular Strength and balance. A great addition to assist your yoga. It delivers lots of variations of core and strength exercises to keep you coming back time after time.     


  • DYNAMIC LOWER BODY CONDITIONING:          The ultimate lower body conditioning and flexibility class, another great complement to your lifestyle programme not to mention your ongoing yoga practice.

Our Branded Yoga series :

  •  “Rise & Shine” :    Is a set of perfectly chosen  postures to start the day with. Gently easing you into full mobility. 

  •  Yoga Interval Salutations:   with a twist, Interval style (repeating the sequence) Salutations with a sprinkle of ISO, our yoga-based isometric (held posture) this will enhance and improve your strength and breathing for yoga practice. Sometimes with that chilled calming vibe.  

  • Dynamic Yoga Flow:   One of the best ways to de-stress, and just focus on yourself, your breath, and you postures. 


Branded Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

A great Mixed Martial Arts class, Close quarters fighting style. Top to toe core, cardio, interval,
strength conditioning.

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