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Fitness In The Community

A year from NOW, you'll wish you'd started TODAY

FITCom has been developed  for optimum online use.

Our Zoom live stream classes have been designed for every fitness level.

All the classes work either as a stand alone workout.....

    ........or you can use the system and adapt it to your needs.

In each class you are taught the techniques to help you progress and improve at your own pace.

... enjoy and explore....


Having been with Steve since the beginning of the original lockdown in 2020, I can still honesty say I’ve no intention of going back to the gym for my workouts or classes.
Steve is just incredibly knowledgeable, experience only gained from many years of instructing.
If workouts from the comfort of your own home are what you’re after- Fitcom offers multiple classes instructed by Steve for all fitness levels in the fun charismatic style. Nothing is rushed and Steve will genuinely take his time for anyone to ensure you get the most out of your workout


Gym Abdominals

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